What to do if your house is being burgled

Imagine waking up suddenly from deep sleep late in the night from a dream in which your house was being burgled. Just as you are about to thank your lucky stars that it was a dream, you here strange noises coming from outside. You are actually being burgled. Right at your front door, there is someone or may be many people trying to force the door open. What do you do?
For most people, the first reaction will be for them to become paralyzed with fear. You may be so frightened even taking your foot off the bed will be almost impossible. But then, do you just sit there and wait for them to walk into your bedroom? Definitely no, there are a lot of things that could help you deter them and possibly make them run away.

House burglary in action

Turn on the outside light

Most burglars will not burgle a home if they knew someone was in except of course they were coming for a particular purpose which needs the help of someone in the house. That said, if you can overcome the first reaction of fear. Slowly tiptoe your way to the switch making sure to avoid knocking any objects that may alert the thieves on falling. Turn on the switch that lights the area where the sound from the burglar is coming.

Stay in the house

While you may want to run to the opposite direction from where the noise is coming, keep your calm and stay in. the main reason running outside is not a good idea is because you don’t know who you are dealing with. The person could be armed and will not hesitate to fire if they have a gun. Also there may be more than one person and you may just run directly into one of them

Call the police

Instead of getting all confused and looking for escape routes, remember to call the police. When you do, try to be clear and coherent. While you may not want to raise your voice, you will also want to be audible enough to pass over the information to the police. Today technology is more advanced, there are many people online all the time, you can send message through mobile for help.

If the burglar gets in

If the burglar manages to pick that expensive lock that your lock smith glasgow just placed the other day, try not to fight back. If possible, raise your hands up as the burglar comes in and avoid eye contact. Be as calm as you possibly can and do not try to stop them from taking anything.
If at the end you must defend yourself, be sure to choose your weapons correctly. Also handle it properly or your chosen weapon may be seized from you and used to injure you. If there is any escape route outside, presuming the thief is alone, run outside as fast as you can and cry for help.

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